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E-TEC is an Atlanta-based electrical contractor licensed in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Alabama. We specialize in commercial electrical service, construction and design. We continue to build and maintain long-lasting client relationships by providing timely and quality service.

With over a decade of design experience and field knowledge, we often provide value-engineered options for our clients, resulting in budget savings and shortened schedules.

Our Core Values

 E-Tec Electrical Contractors has achieved its success and reputation in their market by adhering to these Core Values:


E-Tec Electrical Contractors is committed to working with like minded businesses looking to usher in a brighter, more sustainable, future. A few years back it was the replacement of incandescent lighting with LED Lighting. Today, it is the ramp up EV Charging Stations Infrastructure.


E-Tec Contractor’s approach to client retention is simple; treat others as you wish to be treated.

Quality & Safety

Successful businesses like E-Tec Electrical Contractors don’t just achieve their success by showing up. There are two fundamental ideas that drive everything they do.

1. Perform at the highest level of efficiency and performance for the benefit of our clients.
2. Perform at that level while ensuring the safety of our team members

The two most important people in E-Tec’s business are their Clients and their team members.

ELectrical service done right

We build long-lasting client relationships by providing timely and quality service. Contact us now to request a service or estimate.

“ambition & ingenuity are fundamental virtues that drive us forward. At E-TEC, we strive to maintain a safe and prosperous working environment. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service while maintaining a strong focus on our moral and ethical responsibilities.”

– BJ Thomas, President of E-TEC Electrical Services

About Us

E-TEC is a Georgia based electrical contractor licensed in GA, NC, SC, and AL specializing in commercial electrical service, construction, and design.

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