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LED Retrofit

LED Install & Retrofit Services

Contact our team to take your old lighting and retrofit it with new, energy efficient LED counterparts. We can replace outdated lamps and ballasts with efficient products, or install new LED fixtures. We also have expertise with other types of energy efficient lighting, fixtures and controls.


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Our LED Retrofit Services Include:

  • Replacing incandescent or fluorescent lights with LED
  • Replacing LED fixtures with newer models
  • Ambient lighting for large buildings
  • Accent lighting and spotlights
  • Specialty lighting for retail, restaurants, and hotels
  • Outdoor/exterior lighting including signage and security lights
  • LED light repair

The Benefits of Commercial LED Lighting

For a very affordable upfront cost, LED lighting can return a strong ROI for your business. In addition to a better quality light, reduced energy bills, and longer lifespan, LED lighting offers the following benefits:


  • Energy savings up to 75% over traditional lighting according to Energy Star.
  • A 50 times longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs, and 2 to 5 times longer than fluorescent lighting.
  • LED lighting runs cooler, which saves on cooling bills
  • A variety of soft, natural-style light which improves the comfort and productivity of employees.
  • Less frequent replacement and lower maintenance save you money over the long run.
  • No mercury, so no concerns about hazardous waste.

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